America’s Amazing Airports is an easy read for all ages with archival and contemporary photographs revealing the “magic” which happens at our airports outside and inside.  A portion of the book’s net proceeds will be donated to Spirit of Flight Foundation-SOF ( 

America’s Amazing Airports book in print, eBook, and wholesale/bulk. The World of Airports chapter describes America’s important aviation transportation network. The Airport People chapter is a great introduction to aviation career opportunities. Throughout the book, amazing aviation and airport stories are included, too.  

ISBN: 9781699237656





“Airports foster economic growth and provide rural and urban communities access to our nation’s robust air transportation system. America’s Amazing Airports showcases these incredible public resources and highlight their importance to our society.” Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association-AOPA President and CEO, Mark Baker.


"America's network of more than 5,000 airports, including those supporting general aviation operations, represent a vital link in our nation's transportation and economic systems. Equally important, they create jobs, support community businesses and serve a vital humanitarian role in times of crisis. Americas Amazing Airports provides an engaging portrait of these extraordinary facilities in our country’s aerial landscape." – National Business Aviation Association-NBAA President and CEO, Ed Bolen


“We all know the nearby large airports served by the airlines. But, Penny Hamilton also points out how this country is served by a huge network of smaller, general aviation airports. They bring important and sometimes life-saving transportation needs by almost 200,000 smaller planes and business aircraft. All this is made possible by over 5,000 public-use U.S. airports, in addition to our highways and roadways. It is important to note, ‘A mile of highway gets you one mile - but, a mile of runway gets you anywhere.’” Phil Boyer, Aviation Industry Leader


“Our home at one of the most recognized airports in the world – Oshkosh – shows the community and possibilities that local airports create. Any opportunity to share the story of legendary airports, such as in this book, is a pathway to engaging more people in the wonderful world of flight.” — Jack J. Pelton, CEO/Chairman, Experimental Aircraft Association-EAA


“Airports, like airplanes, have personalities. Some are larger than life, others diminutive. But each precious airport is distinct. America's Amazing Airports gives us a look at what makes airports – a vital asset of this country – so unique and inspiring.” Ben Sclair, Publisher, General Aviation News.


America’s Amazing Airports provides a unique view of airports, guiding the reader through details of today’s aviation landscape, and connecting to the pioneers that led to today’s safe and efficient airport infrastructure. Airports and access to them are the heart of aviation, allowing flying to be the greatest productivity tool, economic driver, relief mission, and personal time capsule for entrepreneurs and adventurers alike.” Shelly S. Simi/National Association of State Aviation Officials-NASAO President and CEO


“The airports scattered all across our country are truly amazing places. They whisper, sometimes shout to us incredible stories of personal and corporate growth, success and sometimes struggle. They reflect American ingenuity, imagination and sacrifice. By reading America’s Amazing Airports you can begin to understand the special nature of airports, their impact, and how they have helped shape our nation.”  Kim Stevens – Publisher, State Aviation Journal