Contemporary Adult Nonfiction history of women in aviation with International appeal for readers interested in women pilots and female astronaut history. Packed with easy-to-read, true stories of historic International women aviators and female astronauts of the world. Historic female pilots and women astronauts from America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, and Russia. Illustrated with over 110 unique photographs of International women aviators and female space history makers in a pictorial format. Filled with powerful and inspiring true stories of International women aviators and female astronauts from the early days of aviation to today’s astronauts.

Learn about important history-making, International women aviators, and female astronauts blazing sky and space trails over the last 100 years. True stories of real women of aviation history informs readers. Learning more about the many and significant contributions women aviators and female astronauts make in the aviation and space industry opens readers to new possibilities in their own careers. Historic female aviation and space trailblazers will amaze readers interested in true stories of inspiring and talented female aviation and space pioneers. Readers will understand important lessons learned from International women pilots and female astronauts. Enjoy a comfortable journey of discovery of women’s aviation space history in an easy-to-read pictorial format. Unique, true stories of International female pilots and women astronauts. Extensive bibliography and on-line resources provides opportunity for further exploration of the history of women in aviation and female space history.


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Praise for 101 Trailblazing Women of Air and Space


Dr. Penny Rafferty’s book, 101 Trailblazing Women of Air and Space, is a colorful and well researched work regarding some of the most amazing women in the history of aviation. In addition to the well-known Amelia Earhart, there are 100 other brief tales of overcoming discrimination, prejudice, and financial difficulties, all in pursuit of becoming airborne. The author makes a specific effort to capture women from all eras of aviation history, from the very beginning of flight to some of the most recent female astronauts. She also covers women from all nationalities and cultures, including African American women and Asian women. Most of the book is devoted to small biographies of each heroine, sorted alphabetically. However, the second section contains very interesting information regarding several woman-focused aviation and industrial associations and organizations. Overall, the book is both educational and entertaining. This reviewer was very interested in the all-female Russian bomber squadron of World War II, nicknamed the Night Witches, as well as learning about the women who were selected to undergo astronaut training with the initial Mercury astronauts. Fans of aviation history are sure to enjoy this book! Rob Ballister, MWSA (Military Writers Society of America),February 2022.


Throughout aviation’s history women have excelled and made essential contributions to the success and advancement of aviation. The trailblazers shared in Hamilton’s book(s) serve as perpetual inspiration for those who come after.    Amy Spowart, President and CEO, National Aviation Hall of Fame


What a great look at the International women who blazed trails in sky and space.  Patty Wagstaff, three-time U.S. National Aerobatics Champion and Inductee International Aerospace Hall of Fame


It is always a joy to read about inspiring female pilots and astronauts. Penny Hamilton never fails to deliver.   Jacqueline Boyd, Ph.D., Chair, Amelia Earhart Memorial Fund, The Ninety-Nines, Inc.


True stories of aviation and aerospace women with “the right stuff!” are always inspiring and important to read.  Ben Sclair, Publisher, General Aviation News