“To an energetic, ambitious woman with even ordinary opportunities, success is always possible.
 Hard, intelligent and conscientious work seldom fails to develop small beginnings into large results.” Photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston

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Photography is a joy. Being a photographer helps you focus on the beauty everywhere, all the time. Capturing and sharing photos which are enjoyed and appreciated is a special blessing.

My photos have won in Regional and State competitions. They have been featured in television broadcasts, calendars, magazines and newspapers. I appreciate things I used to take for granted.

"As a volunteer Penny has photographed and produced postcards and note cards for the Greater Granby Area Chamber of Commerce. Her Lake Granby photo postcards sell at an ever increasing rate. Her outstanding note cards are an immediate discussion point on the natural beauty of our area.

Penny’s real-life photos let visitors see the different seasons around Granby. In our Visitor’s Center we often hear people exclaim over the beauty and ask where they might see the same view captured by photographer Penny.

Her photos always create speculation about whether the visitor will return for a different season, convinced to visit many more times because Penny’s photographs are worth a thousand words." Sharon Brenner.

In 2021, one of Penny's winter photos was chosen as the cover for the 2022 Grand County Phone book.

Frosty Tree Frame

February Dawn

Mountain Flora

Sky Dog

Red Framed Dawn

Sails on Granby

Fall Colors

Fire in the Sky